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In rural areas it may be difficult to gain access to support services and maintain your privacy . Internet and mobile connection can be patchy and the speed is often slow. These conditions may make it hard to seek help if you are experiencing domestic violence, and this is why DVassist was created.

It can be scary, confronting and hard to admit or discover that you might be experiencing abuse, because it is not always physical. You may feel as though you are alone in your experience if you are living in a regional area, but you are not. DVassist is here to help, and there is always help and support available.

We do our best to connect you with help in your local town through our online service directory. If you cannot find help locally, we also have a comprehensive list of state and national domestic and family violence services providers you can contact.

I am in in danger and I need to leave now

I am in an abusive relationship

I think I might be in an abusive relationship but I am not sure

In addition to counselling, crisis support and emergency accommodation information, our online directory can connect you with other local domestic violence support services in your area that you might need, including:

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