DVassist Services

Woman talking to another woman about domestic violence

DVassist provides support to any person impacted by an abusive relationship in rural, regional, and remote Western Australia.

DVassist can assist people who are experiencing family and domestic violence to make informed choices that enhance their personal safety. Our support extends to assisting family members and friends of those impacted by violence.

We do this through providing the following streams of support, all considered within the context of ongoing risk assessments, safety planning, and through a trauma-informed lens of support.

DVassist Counselling

DVassist provides free and confidential counselling services for people seeking support in the form of a purposeful conversation with an FDV Specialist.

People are able to explore issues such as, previous trauma, risk, safety concerns, and current needs with the aim of identifying possible solutions and positive support strategies.

Counselling services are available within a single session format or a scheduled multi-session (6 session block) format depending on individual preference.

DVassist Case Management

DVassist virtual case management services are available for anyone impacted by family or domestic violence and who are from regional, rural, and remote Western Australia.

Short-term case management involves, identifying needs, exploring referral pathways, clear goal setting, and advocacy.

Case management support may involve the following: completion of a risk assessment, education, ongoing safety planning, provision of information and options, and facilitating assisted referral pathways.

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