Below is a list of options for accommodation, including refuges and safe houses, emergency housing, men’s and women’s shelters, and rent assistance. Additionally, the services directory lists local low cost and alternative accommodation options.

Since April 2019, new tenancy laws have been introduced that allow the termination of a lease within 7 days on the ground of domestic violence

If you cannot find local accommodation support services for your area, you can find state and national accommodation service providers at the bottom of this page, including those offering safe accommodation, rental assistance and tenancy advice.

South West Refuge

Refuge provides crisis accommodation, support and advocacy for women escaping domestic and family violence. Children are supported by our specialist Child Advocate. Cultural, language and disability access needs are met to the best of our ability, with help from other agencies when required.
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South West Refuge – Safe @ Home

Confidential support for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence to stay in their home, when it is safe to do so.

Provides support and help with security of the home when the person using violence has moved out due to a Court Order.

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Wander Inn – Bunbury Backpackers

Wander Inn has clean, quiet single and group rooms.
• Free Breakfast
• Free Wi-Fi
• Free Parking 
Dormitory beds only bookable by Passport holders. Non-passport holders may book private rooms. Weekly and Multi-night rates only available to Passport holders unless pre-approved. A security deposit will be requested at check-in.
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St John of God – Horizon House

Horizon House provides long term accommodation and support if you are currently experiencing or are at serious risk of homelessness so you can access education, training and employment opportunities.  
Services Provided:
• Stable accommodation
• Counselling and support
• Supported links to specialist appointments
• Individualised case management 
• A life skills program
• Homeless or at serious risk of homelessness
• Aged 16 to 22 years old
•  Willing to work towards receiving a wage or obtaining Centrelink payments
• Willing to contribute towards their share of rent and utilities
• Willing to participate in daily activities as agreed in their individual support plan for example school, work (voluntary), courses and counselling
• Prepared to abide by the no smoking rule
• No current significant issues with alcohol and/or substance abuse.
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Salvation Army – Bunbury Emergency Accommodation, Referral and Support Service

Emergency Accommodation is to support families (18yr+ with children)
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Find Alternative Accommodation in Bunbury

To find alternative accommodation in Bunbury please visit the Bunbury Geographe website.

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Discovery Parks – Bunbury Village

Discovery Parks – Bunbury Village is nestled the centre of Bunbury. Park features include:

  • Camp kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Wifi
  • Kiosk/Store
  • Dogs allowed
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Department for Communities, Child Protection – Bunbury

The Department provides a range of child safety and family support services to Western Australian individuals, children and their families. Contact them for assistance to access emergency accommodation and for other family supports.
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Bunbury YHA

YHA provides budget travel accommodation with  private and co-living rooms available.
• Free Wi-Fi
• Laundry
• Kitchen
• Communal Lounge
• Free Luggage storage
• Free Parking
• Air conditioning
• TV Room
If you are planning on arriving outside of reception hours, please phone the hostel to make alternative arrangements.
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Alliance Housing – Bunbury Housing Association Inc.

Alliance Housing offers practical, flexible, community-based options for people who are struggling to afford accommodation for themselves and their families, and for seniors wishing to remain in their communities as their circumstances change. 
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AccordWest – Tenancy Advice

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AccordWest – Bunyap House

Located on Forest Avenue, Bunbury, Bunyap House helps young people enjoy the feeling of having a place to call ‘home’, giving them the opportunity to gain life skills, have a crack at washing, cooking and a bit of cleaning while receiving support for school or other education. With room for six, Bunyap House is a discrimination free zone.

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AccordWest – Collie House

Collie House provides 2 short term crisis accommodation units in Collie for women aged 25-44 and their children at risk of becoming homeless. If you’re exiting a living situation that may have left you feeling unsafe or at risk, these self contained units are available for up to 3 months and will help provide stability, security and reliability for your family as you wait for community accommodation to become available.
Key Eligibility Criteria:
• Women aged 25 – 44
• Willing to participate in an assessment of housing and other needs by the Housing & Homelessness Team.
• Willing to work with the Housing & Homelessness Team to address personal barriers to gaining accommodation. 
• Willing and able to engage with other organisations that provide additional support for mental health, alcohol and other drugs and Family and relationships support.
• Have a regular source of income (Collie house can help you apply for Centrelink payments)
• Have independent living skills (e.g. cooking, cleaning, laundry, using public transport)
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AccordWest – Ngalla Maya

Ngalla Maya is a friendly, inclusive shared accommodation solution that provides a safe-haven for single women who find themselves without a place to call home for up to a year. 
While you’re here, AccordWest will work with you to build the life skills you need to find, secure and transition to more stable and long term accommodation.
• Single female
• Homeless
• Willing to participate in an assessment of housing and other needs by the Housing & Homelessness Team.
• Willing to work with the Housing & Homelessness Team to address personal barriers to gaining accommodation.
• Willing and able to engage with other organisations that provide additional support for mental health, alcohol and other drugs.
• Have a regular source of income (they can help you apply for Centrelink payments).
• Have independent living skills (e.g. cooking, cleaning, laundry, using public transport).
• Be willing and able to live communally
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State and National Accommodation Services Services

Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline

The Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline is a state wide 24 hour service. This service provides support and counselling for women experiencing family and domestic violence. This includes:

  • Phone counselling
  • Information and advice
  • Referral to local advocacy, support services, and safe accommodation if required
  • Support in escaping situations of family and domestic violence
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WAConnect is a free directory for service providers, and people looking for assistance. Users can search for food relief, financial counsellors, and emergency accommodation, among other services, and get a list of services that can provide assistance in the location that is convenient.
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Pets in Crisis

The Pets in Crisis program is a free service providing a temporary home for pets whose owners are experiencing immediate family and domestic violence. Pets are placed in a loving foster home while their owner seeks refuge or temporary accommodation of their own.
The service is available via a referral from a caseworker only. Pets in Crisis is open to all domestic pets, including cats, dogs and pocket pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, etc.) for up to three months.
The scheme is not for emergency situations and the Pets in Crisis team is only available during normal business hours.
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Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline

The Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline is a state wide 24 hour service. This service provides counselling for men who are concerned about becoming violent or abusive. The service can provide:

  • telephone counselling
  • information and referral to ongoing face to face services if required

Information and support is also available for men who have experienced family and domestic violence

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Homeless Advisory Service

The Homeless Advisory Service provides information to primary and secondary homeless people that will assist them to seek their own accommodation.
The Advisory Service also takes calls from people who have shelter but do not have their own tenancy or lodgings.  In these cases the Homeless Advisory Service encourages clients to obtain bond assistance and to seek private rental accommodation.  Clients are given information about public and community rental housing through the Department of Housing and how they can apply for priority assistance.
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Crisis Care Helpline

Crisis Care is a telephone information and counselling service for people in crisis needing urgent help. Call the Crisis Care Helpline when:

  • You need someone to help sort out a serious problem.
  • You are concerned about the wellbeing of a child.
  • You are escaping domestic violence and need help.
  • You are homeless.
If you have concerns about a child’s wellbeing, please contact the Central Intake Team on 1800 273 889 or email
Translating and interpreting services available on 13 14 50
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Entry Point Perth

Entrypoint Perth is a free assessment and referral service assisting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Western Australia to access accommodation and support options. For individuals and families based in regional Western Australia, they can:

  • provide information on accommodation and support options to assist people to seek their own accommodation
  • assess individual circumstances of people and families experiencing domestic violence and, if eligible, provide formal referrals to crisis accommodation and support options
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