Legal Aid – Bunbury

Legal Aid WA provides a wide range of services for family law and children’s matters. Services include:

  • Legal representation by lawyers for children and young people in the Family Court and in the Children’s Court
  • Legal representation by lawyers in the Family Court, in child protection proceedings in the Children’s Court, and in defended hearings for family violence restraining orders in the Magistrates’ Court
  • Dispute resolution services within family law and child protection proceedings
  • Assistance to both carers of children and those who have to pay child support
  • Needing legal advice or representation with criminal charges
  • Who have been arrested as a suspect by police
  • Wanting help with an appeal against conviction or sentence

Aboriginal Legal Service of WA Bunbury

ALSWA is currently the largest community based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal organization in Australia. It provides legal aid services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout Western Australia in accordance with grant conditions imposed by the Commonwealth Department of the Attorney General. Services include:

Criminal Law: ALSWA criminal law staff make sure the criminal courts know about cultural matters that apply, such as communication styles and tribal punishment.

Family Law: ALSWA family law staff make sure courts that deal with family law and protection issues know about cultural matters that apply, such as communication styles, how children are raised, and the importance of children and family in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Civil Law and Human Rights: ALSWA provides legal advice in a wide range of civil law and human rights matters, including discrimination, compensation for injury, police complaints and wills. ALSWA also assists with enquires about the Stolen Generation and Stolen Wages.

Community Education: ALSWA’s Law and Advocacy Unit is funded to advise Government and mainstream organisations about law and justice issues that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Western Australia.


South West Community Legal Centre

South West Community Legal Centre Inc. (‘SWCLC’) is a not for profit organisation providing quality, free or low cost legal services to disadvantaged and vulnerable people across the South West of Western Australia. Services include:

Domestic Violence:

  • Restraining orders,
  • Parenting orders or injunctions
  • compensation for injuries
  • Referrals and Support
  • Family Violence Restraining Order

Family Law:

  • Where children should live
  • How much time they will spend with the other parent
  • Parenting Plans and Parenting Orders
  • Location and Recovery Orders
  • Passport and Travel applications
  • Breach of Court Orders
  • Divorce
  • Property Settlement
  • Injunctions
  • Writing letters of negotiation;
  • Drafting court documents;
  • Advocating on the client’s behalf with third parties; and
  • Making appropriate referrals to other services.

Child Support:

  • Parentage testing for purposes of child support;
  • Child Support Agreements;
  • Change of Assessments (Application and Objection);
  • Advice on collection of child support arrears through private enforcement action,
  • Adult Child Maintenance for children who are over 18 years and are still completing their studies, or those that have physical or mental health issues.


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