Below is a list of family support services, including family education and counselling services, family planning services, local day care options and government departments. If you cannot find local family services for your area, there is a list of state and national family support services at the bottom of this page.

Centacare Geraldton – Family Relationship Centre

Family Relationship Centre is a source of information and confidential assistance for families at all stages in their lives. The Family Relationship Centre has a focus on providing family dispute resolution (mediation) to enable separating families to achieve workable parenting arrangements outside the Court system.
We also offer property mediation for separated couples to assist them to resolve their property disputes.
Whether you are going through separation, starting a relationship, want to make your relationship stronger, or having relationship difficulties, the Family Relationship Centre can help. We believe all people should be safe in their relationships so where Family Violence has occurred, we will support you to link in to appropriate services.
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Centacare Geraldton – Workshops & Courses

Centacare delivers a range of courses and workshops to develop the capacity of family members to deal with a range of situations.
Workshops include:
• Marriage Preparation Course (FOCCUS)
• Snuggles for Mums and Bubs
• Grief and Loss Workshop (for children & adults)
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Local Support Coordinator

The Local Support Coordinator provides co-ordinated response and proactive outreach to women experiencing family violence in the Murchison region for a period of up to 18 months. Assistance for people in Carnarvon is available during 6 weekly visits to homes for issues including:

  • Risk assessment and safety planning;
  • Safety audits;
  • Applying for a family violence restraining order;
  • Court support;
  • Referrals to housing, financial, legal or other organisations.
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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – Geraldton

The child and adolescent program provides assessment, treatment and support for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age with severe and persistent mental health disorders and/or self harming/suicidal ideations and/or behaviours, as well as assistance for their family/carers.
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Parkerville Geraldton

Parkerville Children and Youth Care advocate for and provide specialist care and services to those most vulnerable in the WA community, including children, young people and families who have experienced trauma from abuse. 
Programs available:
•Youth Services
•Family Services
•Child Advocacy Centre
•Therapeutic Services
•Foster Care
•Trauma Services
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Ngala – The Geraldton Family and Youth Support Service (GYFSS)

The program caters for young people from 11-18 years, as an early intervention service through the provision of individual case management with a strengths-based approach. The service also supports young people to connect with other appropriate services.
Referrals can be made through schools, family, self, other agencies and or youth service providers.
Workshops and information resources may be sourced or delivered either internally or externally in areas of identified need such as; healthy relationships, cyber safety, life skills, sexual health and adolescent development. 
These workshops are free of charge to support young people who may be at risk.
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Mission Australia Intensive Family Suport Service (IFSS) Midwest

IFSS works with families to improve their wellbeing and keep children safe at home. The service provides case management, practical parenting education and skill development, information, informal counselling, and links to community services to address the unique circumstances of each family. 
Intensive support is provided to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal families who are at risk of intervention by the Department of Communities (child protection) as a result of concerns about the safety and wellbeing of children in a household. 
Eligibility Criteria:
Families with children who are at risk of further investigation and intervention by the Department of Communities
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Mission WA – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

This service supports grandparents who have assumed the role of primary carers of their grandchildren or related children, often in difficult family circumstances. The grandchildren are generally aged 0-12, but can include children up to 18 years. The service provides the care, support and assistance that grandparents need to help their grandchildren overcome the challenges they are facing in the absence of their parents so that they continue to meet child development milestones. 
The service works throughout the Midwest region of WA, including in Meekatharra, Mullewa, Mt Magnet, Cue and Northampton.
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Mission Australia – Family and Domestic Violence Coordinated Response Service – Geraldton

The Coordinated Response Service (CRS) works alongside WA Police and Child Protection workers to assess every incident of family and domestic violence reported to police. Assessments determine the risk of homicide and potential for escalating harm. Women and children (if present) are referred to appropriate services and/or interventions. CRS also liaises with other Mission Australia staff across the Murchison regions to follow up on incidents of family and domestic violence.
They can assist people experiencing family and domestic violence who have had police attend an incident of Family Violence and have completed a DVIR report.
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Desert Blue Connect – Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling and Support

Committed to providing non-directional information on all unplanned pregnancy options: abortion, adoption and parenting. Free and confidential services are offered from qualified and experienced counsellors who can discuss a pro-choice and women-centred approach with you.
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Desert Blue Connect – Children’s Counselling Services

The Children’s Counselling Service at Desert Blue Connect supports both the parents/caregivers and children. They provide consultation and counselling for parents who are concerned about their children.  This may be parents who know or suspect that their children have experienced child sexual assault, or those who want to support their children who have been exposed to or experienced family violence. Their Child Counsellor will support you with tools and advice for better dealing with daily life challenges.
The service is free.
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Desert Blue Connect – Family Violence Counselling & Advocacy Service

This service provides counselling, support and intervention for families where family violence has occurred or is likely to occur.  Counselling sessions can be with individuals and families including children. The service also provides advocacy for those experiencing family violence, and provide assistance with:

  • Referrals to housing, financial or legal organisations
  • Risk assessment & safety planning
  • Applying for a family violence restraining order
  • Court support
  • Referrals to other agencies

Families can access the service by self-referral, other agency referral, by the Department of Child Protection and Family Support or directly from Police.

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Desert Blue Connect – Family Violence Intervention Service – Barndimalgu Court

This service offers support to Aboriginal women who have experienced family violence and their partners or ex-partners, who have been referred to the Barndimalgu Court. Service is by direct referral from Court.

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Desert Blue Connect – Men’s Community Intervention Service

The Men’s Community Intervention Service (MCIS) is for men who perpetrate family violence who are willing and motivated to seek assistance with their current circumstances and violent abuse.
We will work with men to provide case management and care co-ordination that includes:
•Initial risk assessment
•Victim support (face to face or by phone)
•Safety and accountability plan (case plan)
•Family agreement
•Support for fathering to keep children safe
•Information provision
•Ongoing risk assessment and risk management
•Support and advocacy
•Appropriate referrals
•Individual and group education (i.e. fathering, grief and loss, addiction)
•Transition planning
Criteria for service:
• Referrals from Police, Department of Justice, Department of Child Protection and Family Services and other local community services are accepted
• Men can also self-refer.
• Following assessment interviews, men are assessed for their eligibility for the service. Further referrals are offered when men are assessed as not eligible.
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Department for Communities, Child Protection – Geraldton

The Department provides a range of child safety and family support services to Western Australian individuals, children and their families. Contact them for assistance to access emergency accommodation and for other family supports.
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Centacare Geraldton – Children’s Contact Service

Enables children of separated parents to have a safe contact with the parent they do not live with. Where separated parents are experiencing high levels of conflict, Children’s Contact Service ensures the safe transfer of children from one parent to another and manages supervised visits so that each parent can spend time with their children.
Supervised visits can occur on the weekends.
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Centacare Geraldton – Family and Relationship Counselling

To assist individuals, couples and families, including children, with family relationships issues at all stages, (including marriage, separation and divorce), parenting and the care of children.

All of the team address the difficulties commonly presented by clients including those related to anxiety, depression, stress, abuse, loss, grief, trauma, relationship problems, separation and divorce, sexuality, parenting, low self-esteem and anger management.

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State and National Family Services Services

For When

Mental Health support for new and expecting parents. A judgement-free, national support and referral service by those who understand your needs at a time of change when becoming a parent. 
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Youth Crisis and Emergency Services

The department of child protection and family support provide and fund a range of child safety and family support services throughout the state including mandatory reporting investigations and training, Working with Children Checks, fostering and adoption services, counselling and outreach programs, crisis accommodation, homelessness services, and emergency services support.

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ForWhen helps you access local services based in your state or territory. 
Mental health support for expecting and new parents.  Will connect parents that are struggling to navigate the complex waters of pregnancy and new parenthood to the critical mental health services you might need most.  Provided by Australia’s early parenting services, including Ngala in WA
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DVassist Telephone Counselling Service

The DVassist counselling service is available Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 10 pm, via free call 1800 080 083 or webchat to anyone living in remote, regional, and rural Western Australia. We provide information and support for women, men and young people living in remote, regional, and rural Western Australia experiencing family and domestic violence.
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Dads in Distress

Free help for separated dads. Keeping dads alive and in their kids lives since 1999. Guaranteed 100% free, confidential and dad friendly. 
Services include:
• Support Helpline
• 24/7 Online Chat & Forum – Jump on to our Virtual Verandah, a private online platform allowing you to get & give help to dads nation-wide. 
• Online meetings; Talk live with dads just like you across Australia. All dads regardless of location are welcome to join any/ all online meetings.
• Physical Peer Support Groups
• Separation Checklist 
• External Support Links 
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1800RESPECT is a national sexual assualt and domestic violence counselling service.

1800RESPECT provide support and counselling for:

  • People experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, sexual assault, domestic or family violence
  • Their friends and family
  • Workers and professionals supporting someone experiencing, or at risk of experiencing sexual assault, domestic or family violence.

They can be contacted by phone or online chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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