Below is a list of youth support services, including youth mental health and counselling, youth education services, youth support groups, youth mentoring services and youth contact services. If you cannot find local youth support services for your area, there is a list of state and national youth support services at the bottom of this page, including those offering counselling, information and referral services.

STAY Short Term Accommodation for Youth

STAY provides safe, secure and affordable accommodation which includes:
  • Meals
  • Emotional support
  • Advocacy
  • Referral
  • Mediation
  • Learning new life skills
  • Linking into education
  • Access to longer-term housing
STAY is a crisis service for young people who are aged between 15-25 years who may be experiencing:
  • A personal crisis
  • Family conflict
  • Financial difficulties
  • Homeless
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Bandat Horizon House

Bandat Horizon House provides stability and support for young people aged 16 to 22 years old to help them set and achieve their goals and independence. Their clients must be:
  • Homeless or at serious risk of homelessness
  • Aged 16 to 22 years old
  • Willing to work towards receiving a wage or obtaining Centrelink payments
  • Willing to contribute towards their share of rent and utilities – the cost of rent is means tested dependent on income to ensure affordability for all residents
  • Willing to participate in daily activities as agreed in their individual support, such as school, voluntary work, courses and counselling
  • Prepared to abide by the no-smoking rule
  • No current significant issues with alcohol and/or substance abuse.
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Child Protection and Abuse Prevention Teacher Training

This service can provide:

  • Child Protection and Abuse Prevention professional learning for schools staff
  • Workshops for parents, community stakeholders and pre-service teachers
  • In-class mentoring for school staff
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Joblink Midwest – Youth Services

Joblink Midwest is a non-for-profit organisation providing a range of services to relieve poverty in the Midwest and Gascoyne region. The Joblink Midwest Jobs & Skills Centre use a range of career profiling tools including Career Builder, a question and answer based program easily completed in less than 60 minutes. One of our qualified Career Development Officers will also assist you in developing an action plan based around the career options that best suit your personality.

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – Geraldton

The child and adolescent program provides assessment, treatment and support for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age with severe and persistent mental health disorders and/or self harming/suicidal ideations and/or behaviours, as well as assistance for their family/carers.
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Youth Focus Geraldton (headspace)

Youth Focus provides a friendly, confidential and professional service for young people who are in need of counselling and support. Our Counsellors are trained professionals who work with young people specifically around issues associated with suicide, depression and self-harm. Youth counselling appointments are free of charge.

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Victim Support and Child Witness Service Geraldton

The Victim Support Service provides free, confidential counselling and support services for all victims of crime. These services are provided by professional counsellors and trained volunteers.
Services available to victims of crime include:
• Counselling and support
• Providing information and referrals to other support services
• Helping victims write a victim impact statement
• Preparing and supporting victims during a court case
• helping victims obtain information on the status of police investigations
• Providing support when making an application for a restraining order
• Providing information about criminal injuries compensation
• Helping victims understand their rights within the criminal justice system
• Providing information on the status of convicted offenders in WA, through the Victim Notification Register.
The Child Witness Service is a voluntary and free service available to children under 18 years of age who are to give evidence to a court. Trained staff can assist with:
  • Accessing services such as counselling, police, legal, medical and other relevant services
  • Working with the WA Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions and providing the child with up to date information as a matter progresses through the court system
  • Preparing a child for giving evidence in court and providing in court support
  • Helping a child to prepare a victim impact statement.
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PCYC – Geraldton

Geraldton PCYC exists so that disadvantaged children and young people at risk in the Geraldton area have a safe place to go – somewhere they can feel at home, make friends and do things that young people should do.
Geraldton PCYC provides a range of safe, inclusive and affordable recreational activities and youth engagement programs for all members of the community.
Geraldton PCYC works in close partnership with government and non-government agencies to improve conditions for young people within the community.
These include the WA Police Force, local schools and community service groups within the Midwest Region.
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Ngala – The Geraldton Family and Youth Support Service (GYFSS)

The program caters for young people from 11-18 years, as an early intervention service through the provision of individual case management with a strengths-based approach. The service also supports young people to connect with other appropriate services.
Referrals can be made through schools, family, self, other agencies and or youth service providers.
Workshops and information resources may be sourced or delivered either internally or externally in areas of identified need such as; healthy relationships, cyber safety, life skills, sexual health and adolescent development. 
These workshops are free of charge to support young people who may be at risk.
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Hope Community Services Geraldton

Services delivered:
• Counselling (individually and in groups)
• Community pharmacotherapy referral
• Advocacy for individuals and families affected by alcohol or other drugs and mental health concerns.
• Suicide Prevention
• Integrated Team Care – Laverton, Leonora, Esperance and Kalgoorlie
• Alcohol and other drugs Outreach
• Youth Justice services including Bail Services
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Helping Minds Geraldton

Counselling for family and friends: Free and confidential counselling to people who are supporting a family member or a friend living with mental health challenges, including:
• Individual counselling appointments
• In-school counselling for students aged 8-17
• Phone counselling for people in regional and remote WA
Support Groups and Workshops: Provides a safe environment for people to come together and offer each other support, and to share experiences, coping skills and information.
Please book a support group on their website. 
Advocacy: Their advocacy team can assist you with:
• Understanding your rights
• Having your voice heard when decisions are being made about the person you care for
• Access to mental health services
• Referrals to practical support
• Information and resources
• Complaints processes
Peer Support: Their Peer Support Workers are people who care for a friend or family member with mental ill-health and can support you by understanding the challenges you face.
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headspace Geraldton

Got a lot going on? No shame in talking it out. headspace Geraldton is a free and confidential health service for young people aged between 12 and 25 years. There are no fees for our service, even our GP appointments are bulk billed to Medicare with your permission.

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Fusion Geraldton – Community Supported Residential Unit

In Geraldton we work in our community supplying accommodation that focuses on mental health and living well. The CSRU. is a medium to long term transitional service. Taking in residents who need a new start, bringing stability to their lives and connecting residents with appropriate services and finally when the resident is ready, transition them into their own place with support if needed.

Referrals are only accepted from Midwest Mental Health Services, a private psychiatrist or GP with the consent of the person wanting a place at the CSRU.

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Desert Blue Connect – Children’s Counselling Services

The Children’s Counselling Service at Desert Blue Connect supports both the parents/caregivers and children. They provide consultation and counselling for parents who are concerned about their children.  This may be parents who know or suspect that their children have experienced child sexual assault, or those who want to support their children who have been exposed to or experienced family violence. Their Child Counsellor will support you with tools and advice for better dealing with daily life challenges.
The service is free.
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Centacare Geraldton – Children’s Contact Service

Enables children of separated parents to have a safe contact with the parent they do not live with. Where separated parents are experiencing high levels of conflict, Children’s Contact Service ensures the safe transfer of children from one parent to another and manages supervised visits so that each parent can spend time with their children.
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Bendat Horizon House Geraldton

????Horizon House provides stability and support for young people aged 16 to 22 years old to help them set and achieve their goals and independence. They do not provide short-term, crisis accommodation.

They provide three stages of accommodation to meet your needs:
  • Accommodation and intensive support
  • Transitional accommodation and support
  • Outreach to support independent living.
  • To be eligible for the Horizon House program, you must satisfy the following criteria to ensure we are able to provide the support required:
  • Homeless or at serious risk of homelessness aged 16 to 22 years old
  • Willing to work towards receiving a wage or obtaining Centrelink payments
  • Willing to contribute towards their share of rent and utilities
  • Willing to participate in daily activities as agreed in their individual support plan for example school, work (voluntary), courses and counselling
  • Prepared to abide by the no smoking rule


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State and National Youth Support Services Services

Youth Crisis and Emergency Services

The department of child protection and family support provide and fund a range of child safety and family support services throughout the state including mandatory reporting investigations and training, Working with Children Checks, fostering and adoption services, counselling and outreach programs, crisis accommodation, homelessness services, and emergency services support.

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Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is Australia’s free, confidential 24/7 online and phone counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.
• All young people are treated with respect
• All young people can choose the gender of the counsellor they speak to
• Young people are able to access the same counsellor if they wish to call back
No problem is too big or too small to call Kids Helpline about, including but not limited to: 
• Mental Health
• Physical Health
• Safety & Abuse
• Relationships & Sex
• Life issues
• Family & friends
• School & work
• eSafety
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Start Out

Start Out is an organisation which aims to support people of diverse sexualities and genders, eradicate discrimination against members of the LGBTQ+ community, and educate the wider community on the effects of discrimination and exclusion on LGBTQ+ youth. 
Service offered is a peer Role Model to act as a mentor and personal support. 
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Youth Legal Service

Youth Legal Service is a not-for-profit organisation providing free legal services to children and young people (under 25 years of age) across Western Australia. 
Youth Legal Service provides legal advice in the following areas:
• Criminal Matters – legal advice on all criminal matters and traffic offences
• Motor Vehicle Accidents – legal advice and casework to establish liability and negotiate with insurers or claimants
• Contract Law – legal advice on establishing the capacity to contract, contractual obligations and unconscionable contracts
• Leaving Home – advice on legal rights and responsibilities and accessing personal belongings and papers
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eheadspace offers online and telephone mental health support to young people aged 12-25 years and their families or friends. Young people may contact eheadspace if they need advice, are worried about their mental health or are feeling isolated or alone. eheadspace is not a crisis service
How eheadspace can help:
• If you are feeling down
• If you are feeling stressed
• If you are being bullied
• If you have concerns about drugs and alcohol
• Getting along with your family and friends
• Romantic relationships
• Questions about sex
• Questions about gender and who you are attracted to
• Getting advice about helping a friend
• Anything you want to talk about!
Group chats allow you to connect with other people like you. Led by a headspace professional, group chats explore a range of helpful topics.
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DVassist Telephone Counselling Service

The DVassist counselling service is available Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm, via free call 1800 080 083 to anyone living in remote, regional, and rural Western Australia. We provide information and support for women, men and young people living in remote, regional, and rural Western Australia experiencing family and domestic violence.

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Kids Helpline is Australia’s only free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25.

Kids Helpline counsellors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to talk to you. No problem is too big or too small to call Kids Helpline about.

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QLife provides Australia-wide anonymous, LGBTI peer support and referral for people wanting to talk about a range of issues including sexuality, identity, gender, bodies, feelings or relationships.

QLife services are free and include both telephone and webchat support, delivered by trained LGBTI community members across the country. Services are for LGBTI individuals, their friends and families, and health professionals in Australia.

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1800RESPECT is a national sexual assualt and domestic violence counselling service.

1800RESPECT provide support and counselling for:

  • People experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, sexual assault, domestic or family violence
  • Their friends and family
  • Workers and professionals supporting someone experiencing, or at risk of experiencing sexual assault, domestic or family violence.

They can be contacted by phone or online chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Suicide Call Back

Suicide Call Back Service is a nationwide service that provides professional 24/7 telephone and online counselling to people who are affected by suicide. Suicide Call Back Service services include telephone chat services, online chat and video chat.

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