Below is a list of counselling services, including domestic violence counselling services, youth counselling services, relationship counselling, family counselling and victims of crime and child witness services. If you cannot find local counselling services for your area, you can find state and national counselling support services at the bottom of this page.

AccordWest Prison Release – Trauma Counselling

Our Trauma Counselling program helps you come to terms with the time you’ve spent in prison, as well as treat any unresolved past traumas that are having a major negative impact on your life story.  
Through regular counselling sessions, therapeutic interventions and psychosocial education groups accessible both before and after your release, we will help you manage your past trauma related experiences and assist in making better choices in the future. With the support of a qualified and experienced trauma counsellor participants are provided a safe environment to process, accept and release trauma related symptoms.
Through Trauma Counselling you will actively work towards addressing:
• Anxiety
• Psychological and emotional pain
• Physical pain
• Improved sleeping, eating, and physical patterns of behaviour
• Increasing motivation towards achieving positive outcomes.
• Addictive alcohol and drug use
• Addictive behaviours and habits – for example, gambling, gaming, pornography
• Mental health related concerns
• Aggressive behaviours towards others – including partners 
• Intense negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviours which impact on our relationships with others
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Acacia Sexual Assault/Abuse Support Service

Acacia attends to all crisis calls that come from local emergency departments including Port and South Hedland Police Stations, Hedland Victims Support and Hedland Health Campus. When a survivor of sexual assault/abuse engages with these three departments, they will be informed of the crisis service Acacia provides and they will be invited to have a crisis support worker attend.

Clients can receive this support throughout the police interviewing, forensic examinations and court processes. Acacia Support Service continues to provide the following services to the community in Port Hedland:

  • Therapeutic counselling for survivors and their families of Port Hedland
  • Community education in Protective Behaviours for the Port Hedland community – we can customise a program for community groups and school education programs
  • Training of sexual assault/abuse awareness programs to other service providers in Port Hedland.
  • Counselling support and education for males and females over the age of 13 who have been a victim of sexual or physical abuse.
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AccordWest – Counselling

Accordwest services are individualised and are specifically tailored to meet an individual’s needs. It’s all about quality, clinical safety, flexibility and equality. They offer culturally appropriate services on behalf of the WA Primary Health Alliance (Primary Health Network) where you can access:

  • Early intervention
  • Counselling and psychotherapy
  • Connection to coordinated treatment and referral pathways
  • Referral to specialist services (e.g. residential rehabilitation)
  • Connection to other services that can help you (e.g. mental health, family reconnection, housing, domestic violence, training and education)
  • Safety and harm minimisation
  • Withdrawal management
  • Post treatment support and relapse prevention
  • Counselling support and education for males and females over the age of 13 who have been a victim of sexual or physical abuse, case management, care planning and coordination.
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360 Health Centre Geraldton

All services are delivered in a comfortable, friendly environment and include:

  • MindCare
  • Care management
  • NDIS support coordination
  • NDIS transition support
  • NDIS therapy services
  • PORTS (Virtual therapy)
  • Suicide prevention
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1800RESPECT is a national sexual assualt and domestic violence counselling service.

1800RESPECT provide support and counselling for:

  • People experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, sexual assault, domestic or family violence
  • Their friends and family
  • Workers and professionals supporting someone experiencing, or at risk of experiencing sexual assault, domestic or family violence.

They can be contacted by phone or online chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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