Below is a list of everyday necessities services, including secondhand clothing shops, emergency relief, soup kitchens, safe computer and Wi-Fi access, and government support. If you cannot find local everyday necessities services for your area, you can find a list of state and national everyday necessities services at the bottom of this page.

Emergency Relief and Food Access Service

The Emergency Relief and Food Access Service is here to support you in identifying and applying for help.
Emergency Relief assistance is available to support you if you:
• are struggling to put food on the table
• are facing overdue bills
• have used  your savings to pay for daily expenses
• have experienced a reduction in income
You may be eligible for emergency relief even if you’re not receiving Centrelink income support.
If you are unable to make a phone call, please lodge an online enquiry on their website. 
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Vinnies Shop Bunbury

The Vinnies thrift shop sells second hand clothing and homeware.
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Swiss Launderette

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Vinnies South Hedland

The South Hedland Support Centre is staffed by friendly and helpful volunteers and staff who are there to assist families and individual by rebuilding lives.
Donations of clothing and bric a brac are always appreciated and can be dropped off at the centre.
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Wyalkatchem Community Resource Centre – Computer and Internet Access

Wyalkatchem Community Resource Centre can provide computer and internet services:

  • Computers/internet,
  • Computer advice,
  • Basic software repair,
  • Community training and assistance
  • Wifi hotspot
  • Ipad and mobile phone training
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Wyalkatchem Community Mart

Pre-loved clothes and furniture items.

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Wongan Hills Community Resource Centre

Services include:

  • Department of Transport Agency
  • A well stocked library, e-Resources, wi-fi access, public computers
  • A Broadband for Seniors kiosk
  • Printing, secretarial and graphic design services (including large format printing)
  • Trans WA booking service
  • Access point for Medicare, Centrelink and Government Website
  • Community Development support (grants, capacity and skills building)
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William Grundt Library

Free Wi-Fi internet access is available from within the library for Wi-Fi enabled devices.

They have 20 computers for public use and access is free.

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Wickham Library

Wickham library provides access to power, free Wifi and public computers.

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WESNET – Safe Connections

The Safe Connections program provides tech-abuse advice to women who are experiencing technology-facilitated abuse as well as being able to provide women (and children) affected by domestic, family or sexual violence with a free Safe Connections phones and top-up credit (eligible clients can top-up 3 times in the financial year).

They also provide tech-abuse advice where they can organise appointments with one of our tech experts.

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