Below is a list of everyday necessities services, including secondhand clothing shops, emergency relief, soup kitchens, safe computer and Wi-Fi access, and government support. If you cannot find local everyday necessities services for your area, you can find a list of state and national everyday necessities services at the bottom of this page.

Northcliffe Family and Community Centre

The Family and Community Centre is a place where individuals can seek information, community groups can meet, workshops and events are facilitated and where the local youth group meets. It provides support to individuals, families, children and youth, creates opportunities for social interaction, self development and learning and is a multipurpose venue.
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St Vincent de Paul Emergency Relief

Vinnies members respond to requests from people experiencing hardship in their local communities by providing emergency assistance such as food, clothing, household goods, help with utilities and referrals, advocacy, friendship and emotional support. 
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Dalwallinu Library

The Dalwallinu Library is located at the Dalwallinu Discovery Centre on Johnston Street. The opening hours for the library are from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

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Shire of Dalwallinu

Local Government
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Albany Chorus Kitchen

Delivery of fresh healthy meals for people living with a disability, mental health and older adults. Chorus Kitchen can provide assistance with:
Preparing, cooking and freezing of food in your home
Advice about nutrition, menus and special diets
Information about food handling and storage
Assistance with bulk food shopping/sharing and storage
On Thursdays, can join others at Chorus Kitchen for a hot meal at 122 Grey St.
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Share and Care Community Services – Emergency Relief Program

This program assists persons in crisis. The program offers:
* Assistance with medical equipment/glasses/hearing aids etc
* Assistance with gas for persons with medical conditions
* Assistance with food vouchers and referrals to other services
* Assistance with travel via train or bus tickets
* Assistance towards utility accounts
This service covers the wheatbelt.
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Anglican Parish of Denmark and Walpole

St Leonard’s Anglican Church can offer emergency relief in times of hardship. They offer a place to sleep, eat or shower. 
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Vinnies Shop Bunbury

The Vinnies thrift shop sells second hand clothing and homeware.
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Denmark Community Resource Centre

Denmark CRC provides services and support to the whole community. Denmark CRC offers support for IT, Government services and hardship.
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Emergency Relief and Food Access Service

The Emergency Relief and Food Access Service is here to support you in identifying and applying for help.
Emergency Relief assistance is available to support you if you:
• are struggling to put food on the table
• are facing overdue bills
• have used  your savings to pay for daily expenses
• have experienced a reduction in income
You may be eligible for emergency relief even if you’re not receiving Centrelink income support.
If you are unable to make a phone call, please lodge an online enquiry on their website. 
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