Below is a list of family support services, including family education and counselling services, family planning services, local day care options and government departments. If you cannot find local family services for your area, there is a list of state and national family support services at the bottom of this page.

Yaandina Community Services – Mingga Services

The Mingga service plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of intoxicated and vulnerable people by providing transportation to the sobering-up shelter or to a safe place.

The Mingga service operates in the Roebourne and Wickham areas and travels a set route however this can be subject to change dependent on community need or unforeseeable circumstances. Children and young people are also provided with safe transport.

The Service aims to reduce contact between people and the criminal justice system and in particular avoid arrest and jail time.

The Mingga service continues to develop strong collaborative relationships with the local police, Government departments and other community groups who with prior notice can utilise the service for appointments, transportation and community events.

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Yaadina Community Services – Family Support

The Service provides holistic support services to families through a range of workshops and community opportunities to assist them to develop life skills, reduce social isolation and provide practical assistance and referral to other services when required. Practical support includes attending meetings with clients, letter writing, advocacy, literacy numeracy programs and emergency relief. Workshops provide crèche facilities and focus on life skills, craft work and parenting programs eg: cooking, storytelling, fun play with children.
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Wunan – Child and Parent Centres

Wunan manages the Child & Parent Centres (CPCs) in Kununurra & Halls Creek in partnership with the WA Department of Education.

Research shows that 90 per cent of a child’s brain develops by the age of three. So clearly the experiences children have during this time impact on their success at school and in later life. Child & Parent Centres support families as they begin to lay the foundations for their children’s development and learning habits.

The Kununurra & Halls Creek CPCs offer a range of activities for children and families, including:

  • Playgroups & school holiday programs
  • Health programs in partnership with local organisations
  • Pick up and drop off services
  • Cultural programs and performances
  • KindiLink in partnership with local schools
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Wongan Cubby House

An early learning centre in the Wongan Hills providing care and education for 0-5 year old’s in a safe and nurturing environment

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Waratah – Family Domestic Violence Coordinated Response Service

This service provides review and triages of Domestic Violence Incident Reports. This brief Intervention Model provides risk assessments, facilitates multi-agency case management on a needs basis and develops appropriate responses for families and individuals where incidences of family and domestic violence have occurred.
Family and Domestic Violence Coordinated Response Service is a Co-Location Response Model which includes the Department for Child Protection and Family Support and the WA Police; together, they form the Family and Domestic Violence Response Team.
For out of hours help, advice and counselling 1800 737 732.
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Warmun Local Drug Action Group

The Warmun Local Drug Action Group provides the services:

  • Lirrkarn Kerrem – Drug and Alcohol Intervention program
  • Counselling
  • Group and family support
  • Community prevention actions
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Waratah – Education, Training and Community Development Service

Waratah Education, Training and Community Development Service plays an important role by increasing community knowledge and skills and challenge the myths surrounding sexual assault and sexual abuse and domestic violence. Training Programs include:

  • Respectful Relationships – which provides interactive sessions to young people on developing healthy relationships
  • Healthy Responses to Children – which provides interactive sessions to enable parents develop skills and assist their children who have experienced trauma
  • Trauma Informed Practice and Care Delivery – for professionals
  • Dealing with Disclosures of Sexual Abuse and Assault – for professionals
  • Protective Behaviours
  • Understanding the Impacts of Trauma on Children’s Behaviour
For after hours help, advice and counselling, please call 1800 737 732
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Waratah – Children’s Domestic Violence Service

Waratah Children’s Domestic Violence Service (CDV) is designed to offer services to help children, young people and their families heal from the harmful psychological, emotional and social effects of domestic violence and abuse.
The service provides free, specialised counselling, support and therapeutic intervention services for:
• Children, young people and their families, who have witnessed or experienced family and domestic violence
• Children, young people and their families who are in circumstances where violence has occurred, or is likely to occur, in an intimate familial relationship
For out of hours help, advice and counselling 1800 737 732 
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Victim Support Service and Child Witness Service Kununurra

The Victim Support Service provides free, confidential counselling and support services for all victims of crime. These services are provided by professional counsellors and trained volunteers. Services available to victims of crime include:

  • Counselling and Support
  • Providing information and referrals to other support services
  • Helping victims write a victim impact statement
  • Preparing and supporting victims during a court case
  • Helping victims obtain information on the status of police investigations
  • Providing support when making an application for a restraining order
  • Providing information about criminal injuries compensation
  • Helping victims understand their rights within the criminal justice system
  • Providing information on the status of convicted offenders in WA, through the Victim Notification Register

The Child Witness Service is a voluntary and free service available to children under 18 years of age who are to give evidence to a court. Trained staff can assist with:

  • Accessing services such as counselling, police, legal, medical and other relevant services
  • Working with the WA Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions and providing the child with up to date information as a matter progresses through the court system
  • Preparing a child for giving evidence in court and providing in court support
  • Helping a child to prepare a victim impact statement.
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Tom Price Youth Centre – Case Management, Counselling, Support & Advocacy and Mediation Services

Case Management, Counselling, Support & Advocacy and Mediation Services are provided in many areas of inquiry through referrals from other agencies, self-referrals and from parents who
may require assistance. Counselling is included in the case management process but some clients attend for counselling only, which is available in the following areas:

  • Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Family & Relationship Breakdown
  • Sexuality and sexual health issues
  • Aggressive Behaviour and Anger Management
  • Suicide and Self harming behaviours
  • Police & Legal Issues
  • Education, Employment & Training
  • Parent & Family Support
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