Broome Family and Youth Hub – Parenting Program

The Indigenous Early Learning and Parenting Group offers a supported playgroup for children that is based on the principles of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework.’ It’s run by an early years learning facilitator and two play helpers. Staff support healthy early childhood development and school readiness and developing parents’ awareness that they are their child’s first teacher. They create a safe and non-confrontational setting for families to build peer support networks and engage in relevant workshops and activities. A range of other local community organisations are involved in running sessions with the group. While the group is based at the Drop in Centre, they go on regular outings. Transport is available for families and morning tea and lunch is provided.

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Anglicare WA – Family Relationship Centre

Family Relationship Centres provide assistance to families at any stage of their lives. The Centres are for all families in need of information and support in relation to family relationships and for those families who are separated we offer family dispute resolution services.

The staff assist families in many ways such as:

  • Providing information about family relationships, separation and connecting people with services that are appropriate for their individual needs
  • Providing Family Dispute Resolution where parents/families can discuss issues relating to their children and develop parenting plans that are in the best interests of their children
  • Assisting parents and families to work towards improving their communication and reducing their conflict
  • Assisting parents with enhancing knowledge and skills to assist both themselves and their children with separation issues
  • Providing child-focussed and child-inclusive practices and assisting parents to focus on the needs of children
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Anglicare WA – Parent and Adolescent Counselling Service

The free service is designed for young people who are 12-18 years old and their parents or carers who are frustrated or experiencing conflict.

The Parent and Adolescent Counselling Service provides:

  • Counselling to individuals, families and groups
  • Parenting workshops and seminars
  • Referrals to other services
  • Mediation and assistance in resolving family conflicts
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Anglicare WA – Young Mums Program

The Young Mums Program is for young Aboriginal mums aged 25 and under. The service equips young mums with the skills, knowledge and confidence to nurture the wellbeing and development of themselves and their children.

The service works individually and in groups with young mums and their communities by providing education, parenting support and advocacy together with local community support networks. They offer a safe place for mums to connect with each other, discuss their concerns on a one on one basis or in a group setting and provide support.

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Desert Blue Connect – Men’s Community Intervention Service

The Men’s Community Intervention Service (MCIS) is for men who perpetrate family violence who are willing and motivated to seek assistance with their current circumstances and violent abuse.

We will work with men to provide case management and care co-ordination that includes:

  • Initial risk assessment
  • Victim support (face to face or by phone)
  • Safety and accountability plan (case plan)
  • Family agreement
  • Support for fathering to keep children safe
  • Information provision
  • Ongoing risk assessment and risk management
  • Support and advocacy
  • Appropriate referrals
  • Individual and group education (i.e. fathering, grief and loss, addiction)
  • Transition planning

The MCIS will ensure that (ex) partner support is in place, and will refer to a specialist family violence service if not already linked with partner support services.

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Speakeasy Counselling

Speakeasy Counselling can address a range of issues including:

  • Personal development
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Family violence
  • Abuse and trauma
  • Relationship problems
  • Parenting
  • Drug and alcohol dependency
  • Diagnosed mental illness
  • Adjustment issues
  • Life re-direction
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Anglicare WA – Children’s Contact Service

The Children’s Contact Service provides safe, secure and child focused environments in which children can continue to have a relationship with a parent or family member that they do not live with. They assist families with changeover and offer supervised visits.

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Relationship Australia – Bunbury Family Resource Centre

They can help by providing information about family relationships at all stages – forming new relationships, overcoming relationship difficulties or dealing with separation. They can also refer you to other services that can help.

If you are parents experiencing separation, they will talk with you to help you focus on your children’s needs and help you decide what to do next. They can also provide Family Dispute Resolution sessions with the other parent or family members to help you agree on parenting arrangements.

They can also provide joint sessions with the other parent or family members to help you agree on parenting arrangements. They provide information, referral and individual sessions free of charge.

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Relationships WA – Bunbury

Relationships WA Bunbury provide relationship education courses, including:

  • Communication in Relationships
  • Healthy Conflict in Relationships
  • Parenting After Seperation
  • Self Worth – An Introduction
  • Stepfamilies: An Introduction
  • Supporting Your Anxious Child
  • Understanding Angry Emotions
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Centrecare – Bunbury Counselling and Family Support Service

Support Service (outreach) is designed to provide you and your family with counselling, support, information, connection to other services and to assist you to build on your strengths as a parent/family. We will also assist you to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with life changes or crises as they occur.

The service provides:

  • home visits;
  • assistance with the reason(s) you were referred;
  • one on one counselling for children;
  • counselling for parents and caregivers;
  • family counselling;
  • parenting support;
  • assistance to identify and manage changes; and
  • assistance with linking individuals and families into community support networks.
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