AccordWest – Trauma Counselling

AccordWest’s Trauma Counselling program helps people come to terms with life events, addressing unresolved past traumas with regular counselling sessions, therapeutic interventions and education. With the support of a qualified and experienced trauma counsellor participants are provided a safe environment to process, accept and release trauma related symptoms.
Through Trauma Counselling you will actively work towards addressing:

  • Anxiety
  • Psychological and emotional pain
  • Physical pain
  • Improved sleeping, eating, and physical patterns of behaviour
  • Increasing motivation towards achieving positive outcomes.

With the support of a qualified and experienced trauma counsellor, you’ll address past traumas that have impacted negatively on your life, including addictive alcohol and drug use, addictive behaviours and habits – for example, gambling, gaming, pornography, mental health related concerns, aggressive behaviours towards others – including partners and intense negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviours which impact on our relationships with others.

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