Child Witness Service Kununurra

The Child Witness Service helps children and young people under 18 years of age who may need to give evidence in court. The children involved can be victims or witnesses to any criminal charge, in any court.
The Child Witness Service provides practical information and helps children and young people emotionally prepare for court. Support is provided on an individual basis. Evidence is never discussed.
The Child Witness Service does not provide counselling. However, referrals can be made to appropriate agencies when additional support is required.
The Child Witness Service aims to:
reduce trauma for children giving evidence in court by appropriate preparation and support.
Undertake assessments of a child’s needs in relation to giving evidence and advocate for the child to receive their entitlements under the legislation.
work with the WA Police Force and the Director of Public Prosecutions to ensure a child witness and their family are kept fully informed about the progress of a case through the courts
help a child witness prepare a victim impact statement, even if the child is not required to give evidence
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