Mawarnkarra Health Service

Medical Services:
• Paediatrician (children’s health)
• Obstetrics/Gynaecologist (for pregnant women)
• Child and Maternal Health
• Chronic Disease Management
• General Physician
• Respiratory (lungs)
• Paediatric Cardiologist (children’s heart)
• Endocrinologist (hormone doctor)
• Integrated Team Care and PATS (Patient Journey)/ Transport
• Ophthalmologist (eye doctor)
• Liver Clinic
Mawarnkarra also offers the following allied health services:
• Physiotherapy (help people move better)
• Podiatry (feet)
• Diabetes Education
• Dietician
• Psychologist
• Dentist
• Optometrist (eyes)
• Audiologist (hearing/ears)
Pharmacy & Outreach
An independent 777 Pharmacy is also located at their Clinic that can dispense prescription medicines to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander patients and healthcare card holders. Mawarnkarra also provides outreach programs to remote communities, and health focused education and community events.
Mawarnkarra also offers Telehealth Services so you don’t always need to leave country to access specialists or to support your family.
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