Pilbara Community Legal Service – Legal Advice

The service is free and is specific in the areas of:
Family law:
• Property Settlement – Solicitors offer limited assistance in relation to property settlement. They can provide general information regarding the process of initiating and finalising financial relations with your partner, general assistance with filling in court forms and making appropriate referrals to other services.
• Parenting – Solicitors provide advice only and appropriate referrals in areas such as: where the children will live, how much time spent with the other parent, parenting plans and orders, location and recovery orders and breach of court orders.
• Divorce – Solicitors provide advice and assistance with the process and drafting of court documents.
• Care and Protection – Solicitors provide advice and court representation for care and protection matters. They do not provide representation in appeal matters.
• Family and Domestic Violence – Solicitors provide advice in relation to restraining orders, negotiating resolutions prior to the matter proceeding trial, court representation (where appropriate).
Criminal Injuries compensation :
Victims of family violence and victims of any other crime who have suffered bodily harm, or psychological injury as a result of the crime may be eligible to claim Criminal Injuries Compensation.
Wills and Deceased Estates (Limited Services)
The solicitors can provide advice and assistance with:
• Drafting simple Wills
• Assisting executors named in the Will apply to the Supreme Court for probate
• Applications for Enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianship
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