Regional Alliance West – Financial Assistance

Emergency Relief: If you are a Geraldton resident and have an emergency that can be solved with a small payment, we may be able to assist.
Emergency Relief can be used for:
• Food
• Accommodation
• Utilities
• Medical
• Other
Financial Counselling: This Service provides free information, options and support to those who are experiencing difficulties with money.
Financial Counsellors can:
• Help to organise a budget
• Explain what to do if you can’t pay bills, debts or fines
• Assist with working out payment arrangements with creditors
• Inform you of Government assistance and entitlements
• Advocate for you if you want to challenge a decision that affects you
• Explain options regarding bankruptcy • HUGS – Hardship Utility Grant Schemes
MoneyBusiness: Their workers can support community members and their families with money management.
To help you:
• Work out your money goals
• Create a budget
• Put money aside for special occasions
• Understand banking and finance
• Use the Internet to manage your money
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