Ravensthorpe Health Service

The Ravensthorpe Health Service has four permanent beds, one palliative care bed, three acute beds and 3 beds in emergency/outpatient facility.
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St Johns Ambulance Ravensthorpe

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Ravensthorpe Community Resource Centre

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Ravensthorpe Public Library

Ravensthorpe Public Library provides a wide range of services to the community such as, ?internet access, government services, and children’s activities.
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Livingston Medical

Dr Livingston is the Principal Doctor in Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun and along with his team of 2 nurses and visiting GPs and specialists, offers a range of services from Ravensthorpe Medical Centre and Hopetoun medical Centre.
Services include chronic health management, immunisations, wound care, telehealth services, skin checks and excisions, medicals, general appointments, diabetic care, asthma and COPD management, early pregnancy management, child health, PAP Smears, contraception, aboriginal health, work cover, pathology and specialist referrals.
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Esperance DCP (closest office)

Child Protection Services 
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Ravensthorpe Police

Ravensthorpe coverage – Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald River National Park, Hatter Hill, Lake Camm, Lake King, Mount Madden, Munglinup, Ravensthorpe, Varley, West River


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Hopetoun Police

WA Police is located in Hopetoun, Western Australia. Police and law enforcement.
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Esperance Crisis Accommodation Service

The ECAS Women’s Refuge offers support to women and children (male under 17 years of age) escaping Family and Domestic Violence and experiencing homelessness through Domestic Violence. At the refuge staff will assist you with information to help you decide about housing, legal and income issues. You will be supplied with bedding and food, clothing and toiletries if needed. Support, referrals, advocacy and information to those using the service. They can refer you to other services like a counsellor to discuss your feelings and choices at this time.   Safe at Home Service: For some families, staying in their home and having the violent person leave is the best option. Staff can provide support for women staying at their homes. The staff can help you assess your risk and support you with safety plans and increased practical safety measures. The staff will provide regular outreach assistance and support while you rebuild a safe life for yourself and your children.   Each woman has a key worker who can help with the following:

  • Safety planning
  • Building self-confidence and independence
  • Advice on housing rights and responsibilities
  • Legal Support
  • Accompanying to court
  • Refer you to Financial Counselor, who can help with budgeting, paying bills and debts
  • Resettlement skills, such as shopping and cooking
  • Referrals to other relevant agencies
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