What Does Family & Domestic Violence Look Like?

Girl that was a victim of domestic violence using an ipad

You may realise that something is wrong at home, but you are not sure if it is family or domestic violence. There are many different types of family violence, including physical, psychological and emotional abuse. Some different things that you might see or hear happen, are:


When someone uses, or threatens to use, physical force


  • Kicking, pushing, or shoving
  • Punching walls or destroying things
  • Choking/strangulation or putting pressure on neck or throat
  • Threats
  • Being locked in a room or out of the house


When someone repeatedly causes you (or others in your home) to feel stupid, worthless or scared, this is equally as harmful as physically hurting


  • Swearing and yelling
  • Picking fights or throwing accusations
  • Insults and putdowns
  • Blaming them for any problems in the relationship
  • Doing things to make them afraid
  • Threatening to harm the family pets


When someone controls or tries to control your or someone else’s access to money and/or how they choose to spend it.


  • Preventing someone from having a job or money
  • Controlling how someone spends their money
  • Not providing or restricting access to adequate money needed to look after your family


When someone controls or tries to control who you or someone else can talk to or see.


  • Not letting you or someone else visit friends or family
  • Spying/asking you to spy on someone
  • Checking your or someone else’s phone, email and social media
  • Lying to other people about you or others


When someone forces you or someone else to do be involved in sexual activities, or interacts with you or someone else in a sexual way


  • Forcing you or someone else to have sex when you or that person do not want to
  • Unwanted sexual comments or jokes
  • Unwanted touching
  • Exposing themselves to you or someone else
  • Forcing you or someone else to look at pornographic images

Remember that no matter what happens, you are not alone. Family and domestic violence is never your fault and it is not okay to witness family violent.

If you need someone to talk to, you can call Kids Helpline at 1800 55 1800. You can call them at any time, for any reason, and they are happy to keep your call anonymous. You can also visit them online.

Another helpful website  is What’s Ok at Home?

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