DVassist is here to help, with information and resources  for those experiencing or concerned about others who may be experiencing  family and domestic violence.

Domestic and family violence can often be hard to define and understand. Behavioural abuse, emotional abuse and psychological abuse can all be forms of domestic and family violence. This website is a resource to help you to learn more about domestic and family violence, and to connect you to local domestic and family violence help.

For some visitors to this site, you may know you want or need to leave your partner. Or you may need to or want to stay, and instead learn how to manage your situation, either in the home or online (or both). For family and friends who may be worried for your loved ones, you are welcome to use this site to find help and information.

We know that many people have questions or are looking for help in relation to:

  • Counselling and support
  • Mental health and trauma
  • The role of police intervention if it does not seem to be an emergency
  • Rent assistance, emergency housing or refuge accommodation
  • Financial and legal options
  • Caring for children in domestic and family violence situations

What we do know, is every situation is different. We hope the resources made available here will guide you towards making safe, healthy, respectful decisions for you and your family, whether you are in crisis, have chosen to stay or want to leave.

You might be isolated, but you are not alone. We are here to support regional, rural or remote Western Australians experiencing family and domestic violence.

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