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DVassist Webinar – How can a Counsellor support me?
In this webinar we speak with Lisa, specialist Family and Domestic Violence Counsellor at DVassist regarding how a Counsellor can support someone experiencing Family or Domestic Violence in Regional, Rural, and Remote WA. We cover what services DVassist provide, how they support people at any stage of their journey, what happens when you call the service and what a first appointment may look like. DVassist welcomes people from all backgrounds, identities, and people living with a disability.

DVassist Webinar – Addressing your FAQs.
Find the answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions people ask about counselling. Here we speak with DVassist and cover how many free sessions someone can access, how DVassist maintains confidentiality and anonymity for people that contact the service, what happens in a counselling session and what role DVassist can provide in advocacy.

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