What is Family & Domestic Violence?

Woman that experienced domestic violence sitting down beside a lake during sunset

Family and domestic violence is a pattern of violence, abuse or intimidation where one person attempts to dominate or control another. This type of abuse can occur between current or former intimate partners, friends, parents, children and other family members. It can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, or background.

Domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse, it can also include psychological and emotional abuse, which can look like:

  • Deciding who you can or cannot see or speak to
  • Controlling your access to and how you spend your money
  • Controlling your phone and online access
  • Blaming you for the problems in the relationship
  • Constantly criticising your body, intelligence, or parenting
  • Neglecting you and/or your children

Understanding the early warning signs will help you to be able to recognise the different types of family and domestic abuse and violence.

DVassist understands how difficult it can be for a person experiencing domestic violence in a regional area to leave an abusive relationship. DVassist can help you with:

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