Speaking Up

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Who is this course for?

Many of us have witnessed sexism, disrespect or harassment in the workplace, but we don’t always know how to respond. Fear of rocking the boat, of making things worse or of being accused of ‘political correctness’ are all barriers to standing up for respect.

Don’t feel powerless and paralysed!

Intervening is important but It’s not a binary – ‘either I do something or I don’t’ . There is a continuum of bystander interventions from very small things to bigger actions. This presentation will introduce a range of ways to challenge sexism and other forms of disrespect, and help to create a safe and equal workplace.

Learning outcomes

After completing this short course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the impacts of everyday sexism and disrespect
  • Identify the continuum of actions that an active bystander can take to interrupt sexism and disrespect
  • Use a range of tools to intervene in everyday sexism and other forms of disrespect in the workplace and in the community
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