AccordWest – Ngalla Maya

Ngalla Maya is a friendly, inclusive shared accommodation solution that provides a safe-haven for single women who find themselves without a place to call home for up to a year. 
While you’re here, AccordWest will work with you to build the life skills you need to find, secure and transition to more stable and long term accommodation.
• Single female
• Homeless
• Willing to participate in an assessment of housing and other needs by the Housing & Homelessness Team.
• Willing to work with the Housing & Homelessness Team to address personal barriers to gaining accommodation.
• Willing and able to engage with other organisations that provide additional support for mental health, alcohol and other drugs.
• Have a regular source of income (they can help you apply for Centrelink payments).
• Have independent living skills (e.g. cooking, cleaning, laundry, using public transport).
• Be willing and able to live communally
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