PCYC – Albany

Albany PCYC exists so that disadvantaged children and young people at risk in the Albany area have a safe place to go – somewhere they feel at home, make friends and do things that young people should do.

Programs include:

  • safeSPACE – Strike II: Friday evening diversionary program for young people aged 10 – 17 years. The program engages young people away from antisocial behavior through activities such as basketball, soccer, movies, skateboarding, pool tables and hang out areas. Participants are provided with transport home at the end of the evening to eliminate antisocial behavior.
  • Police Rangers: Police Rangers is an adventure based, youth development program which, in partnership with Cadets WA, facilitates the commitment of WA Police to form positive relationships with young people. Open to young people of high school age, the program increases youth self-confidence, leadership, team building skills and self-esteem.
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