Victim Support and Child Witness Service Geraldton

The Victim Support Service provides free, confidential counselling and support services for all victims of crime. These services are provided by professional counsellors and trained volunteers.
Services available to victims of crime include:
• Counselling and support
• Providing information and referrals to other support services
• Helping victims write a victim impact statement
• Preparing and supporting victims during a court case
• helping victims obtain information on the status of police investigations
• Providing support when making an application for a restraining order
• Providing information about criminal injuries compensation
• Helping victims understand their rights within the criminal justice system
• Providing information on the status of convicted offenders in WA, through the Victim Notification Register.
The Child Witness Service is a voluntary and free service available to children under 18 years of age who are to give evidence to a court. Trained staff can assist with:
  • Accessing services such as counselling, police, legal, medical and other relevant services
  • Working with the WA Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions and providing the child with up to date information as a matter progresses through the court system
  • Preparing a child for giving evidence in court and providing in court support
  • Helping a child to prepare a victim impact statement.
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