Victim Support and Child Witness Service

The Victim Support and Child Witness Service provides both the Victim Support Service and the Child Witness Service and is situated in regional Magistrates Court of Western Australia locations. The Victim support and Child Witness Service provides a voluntary and free service assisting:

  • Victims of crime;
  • Secondary victims of crime related death; and
  • Children under the age of 18 years of age who are to give evidence.
Services available include:
  • Counselling and support;
  • Accessing services such as counselling, legal, medical and other relevant services;
  • Information on the status of police investigations;
  • Information about ongoing court matters and preparing for court and in court support;
  • Preparing a child for giving evidence in court and providing in court support;
  • Help to write a victim impact statement;
  • Help with enquiries about your rights in the criminal justice system, including criminal injuries compensation claims.
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