Anglicare WA, Kununurra – Counselling

Counselling is offered by trained professionals who can assist with a wide variety of issues for individuals, couples or families. Anglicare WA locations across Western Australia provide counselling. We also offer telephone counselling for people who cannot attend in person, including those who live in rural or remote regions.

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Kimberley Community Legal Services Kununarra

KCLS provides advice, referral, legal information and casework assistance, representation and community legal education. These services cover tenancy, Centrelink, family violence, discrimination and complaints, consumer and credit law, and more. Also available is advocacy and financial counselling. Offices are situated in Broome and Kununarra with outreach services to all areas of the Kimberley. 
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Nirrumbuk Tenancy Support

Nirrumbuk Environmental and Health Services, in partnership with the Department of Housing, delivers the Support and Tenancy Education Program (STEP) to the Kimberley region.

Through STEP, eligible tenants can receive education and case management to improve their living skills, independently manage their tenancies, and reduce the likelihood of homelessness.

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Save the Children – Chilling Space

The Save the Children Chilling Space supports younger children to build their confidence and life skills before they become disengaged. With the aim of enabling more positive transitions 
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Kununurra Neighbourhood House – Mens Shed

This service aims to bring the community together to share and gain new skills and build social networks.  
New workshops are coming including:
  • Tie dye 
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Photography 
  • Textiles
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Save the Children Kununurra

Save the Children supports young people – particularly those from Aboriginal communities, and migrant and refugee backgounds in Kununurra and Perth – to stay in school, develop safe practices and build resilience to the challenges in their lives.
Life can be difficult for young people living in many marginalised communities in Western Australia. They may live in unsafe home environments and experience family violence, which can lead to homelessness, antisocial behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse and unsafe practices.
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Wunan Foundation Pathway to Home Ownership

Wunan’s Pathways to Home Ownership Program caters to Indigenous people looking to purchase or build their own home. The Indigenous Home Ownership Education (IHOME) package, designed by DSS and Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), is provided in conjunction with financial literacy education to improve financial capacity and encourage greater self-reliance, assisting people to build assets, develop savings and commence on the pathway to financial inclusion. The Pathways to Home Ownership Program has successfully assisted clients in Wyndham, Kununurra and Halls Creek purchase their own homes.
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East Kimberley Job Pathways

East Kimberley Job Pathways (EKJP) is a partnership venture between Wunan Foundation and East Kimberley CDEP. EKJP delivers the Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) across the East Kimberley, to provide local community members with a path to employment, establish independence, and secure a better life for their families. RJCP is a case management model, tailoring services to individual needs. This may include direct employment, training and skills development and career guidance; all designed to meet the aspirations and objectives of the client. Additionally, job seekers may take part in activities in their community to learn new skills and deliver worthwhile benefits to the community, while developing positive social norms in preparation for working life
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Child Witness Service Kununurra

The Child Witness Service helps children and young people under 18 years of age who may need to give evidence in court. The children involved can be victims or witnesses to any criminal charge, in any court.
The Child Witness Service provides practical information and helps children and young people emotionally prepare for court. Support is provided on an individual basis. Evidence is never discussed.
The Child Witness Service does not provide counselling. However, referrals can be made to appropriate agencies when additional support is required.
The Child Witness Service aims to:
reduce trauma for children giving evidence in court by appropriate preparation and support.
Undertake assessments of a child’s needs in relation to giving evidence and advocate for the child to receive their entitlements under the legislation.
work with the WA Police Force and the Director of Public Prosecutions to ensure a child witness and their family are kept fully informed about the progress of a case through the courts
help a child witness prepare a victim impact statement, even if the child is not required to give evidence
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Far North Community Services – Therapy Services

Far North Community Services are a registered therapy provider for NDIS for Kimberley. With bases in Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and Kununurra, they are passionate about delivering functional, person and family centred therapy services. A flexible, transdisciplinary, evidence-based and creative approach, they work with their clients and family to develop a therapy plan that is tailored to individual circumstances.
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Kununurra Jobs and Skills Centres

Based at North Regional TAFE campuses, the Jobs and Skills Centres offer a range of services by qualified career advisors to support individuals to find employment and develop their careers further. These services include job application support, career development advice, pathways towards obtaining professional training and other employability skills. In addition to the towns of Kununurra and Brooms, the Jobs and Skills Centres also provide outreach services to smaller towns and communities throughout the region.
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Disability Access and Inclusion by The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley prepares and implements a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, which enable people with disabilities, their families and carers to participate in community life by encouraging community and businesses to make their services and facilities accessible; and provide accurate easy to obtain information so that people with disabilities, their families and carers are able to access their local communities.
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Far North Community Services – Support Coordination

A Support Coordinator can connect with services in their clients’ area, or to coordinate all of the supports and services in their NDIS plan. Support Coordinators are well-connected in the community, have many years of experience and have wide networks. The Far North Support Coordinator will help their clients build the skills they need. This may include achieving clients’ goals, living more independently, increasing skills and being included in community and in employment.
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Kimberley Community Legal Services

KCLS is an independent, not-for-profit community legal service providing free legal, financial counselling and tenancy services to financially disadvantaged people in Kimberley. They target low income, disadvantaged, Indigenous and CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) clients. Their services include:
  • Generalist legal services: advice, information, casework and limited representation in areas of family law, family violence, criminal injuries compensation, credit and debt, tenancy, general civil law
  • Community legal education and law reform
  • Tenancy advice and education
  • Financial counselling
  • Indigenous Women’s Program
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Aboriginal Family Legal Services – Kununurra

Aboriginal Family Law Service assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people live free from family violence and sexual assault. We not only offer free legal services, but community education and early intervention and prevention programs as well.

Services offered include:

• Family Law
• Child Protection
• Criminal Injury Compensation
• Family Violence Restraining Orders
• Non-legal Support
• Social Support


Halls Creek, Kalumburu, Kununurra, Wyndham, Warmun*.
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Transitional Housing Program

The Transitional Housing Program will help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with clearing their debt and increasing their savings, achieving a healthy lifestyle, furthering their employment and training opportunities owning their own home or moving into private rental. The Transitional Housing Program will provide their clients with an affordable rental property, along with access to a range of services that focus on employment, education, financial independence, household management and wellbeing. They will work together with their clients to agree their length of stay, and make sure that their clients leave with all the skills needed.
This program is currently offered Kununurra, Halls Creek, Wyndham, Broome, Derby, South Hedland which is operating as Hedland Aboriginal Home Ownership Program
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Juniper Gerdewoonem Residential Aged Care

Juniper Gerdewoonem is the newest Juniper multi-service aged care centre in Kununurra. Specially designed for local conditions and climate, Juniper Gerdewoonem brings greater convenience to the region’s older people. They can enjoy the outdoors in a safe and secure residential setting with a range of assistance including transport and shopping, domestic help, personal care, nutritious meals prepared onsite.
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Yura Yungi Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation

Yura Yungi Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service providing holistic, culturally appropriate health care and programs. The organisation was established in 1997 and has preventative and public health programs include maternal and child health, women’s health, chronic disease program delivery and sexual health services.
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Wyndham District Hospital

Wyndham Hospital provides a 24 Hour Emergency Department Service.

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Wyndham Police

Wyndham Police cover Durack, Gibb, Oombulgurri, Wyndham.

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