Below is a list of financial services, including financial counselling, planning and advice services. If you can’t find local financial support services for your area, there is a list of state and national financial support services at the bottom of this page.

St Vincent De Paul – Financial Counselling

Vinnies financial counsellors are qualified professionals who offer independent financial advice and advocacy for people in financial difficulty.
Our counsellors work with clients to achieve positive financial outcomes, helping them to build their own capacity to avert financial crisis and reduce stress. 
Qualified financial counsellors can assist with queries and information including:
• Understanding your financial situation and taking control
• Strategies and options for dealing with financial difficulties
• Budgeting and practical steps to relieve financial stress
• Understanding your rights and responsibilities
• Negotiating with creditors
• The debt recovery process and the court system in relation to debt collection
• How the law can protect you in difficult financial times
• Bankruptcy information
• Referral to other specialised and appropriate services
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Wunan Foundation Pathway to Home Ownership

Wunan’s Pathways to Home Ownership Program caters to Indigenous people looking to purchase or build their own home. The Indigenous Home Ownership Education (IHOME) package, designed by DSS and Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), is provided in conjunction with financial literacy education to improve financial capacity and encourage greater self-reliance, assisting people to build assets, develop savings and commence on the pathway to financial inclusion. The Pathways to Home Ownership Program has successfully assisted clients in Wyndham, Kununurra and Halls Creek purchase their own homes.
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Share & Care Community Services Group – Financial Counsellor Program

Financial Counsellor offers:
  • Assistance with developing budgets that cater to individual’s needs
  • Negotiation with creditors including debt collection agencies
  • Bankruptcy issues, information and assistance
  • Community education
  • Mortgage stress and threatened foreclosure
  • Advocacy and negotiation on your behalf where requested
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Pilbara Community Legal Service – Financial Counselling Roebourne

The Financial Counselling service is offered to both high and low income earners. It services to the people of the Pilbara from all four of our offices in Karratha, Roebourne, Hedland and Newman.
It is non-judgmental, confidential and free. Information, support and advocacy is provided to assist clients to address identified financial problems and manage financial situations more effectively.
PLCS Financial Counsellor’s assist with:
• Helping to manage debts (rent, water, power, car loans etc.)
• Mortgage Issues and negotiation due to financial hardship
• Disputes with Creditors
• Budget plans to assist with managing money more effectively
• Information on consumer rights and obligations
• Information on bankruptcy
• Accessing superannuation for hardship relief
• Government agency assistance (Centrelink, Housing Authority etc.)
• Information on concession and rebate entitlements
• Referrals to government or non-government services
• Mortgage Issues and negotiation due to financial hardship
• Disputes with Creditors
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Anglicare WA – Financial Counselling

Financial Counselling is for anyone seeking financial information. It is an inclusive service that is appropriate for people in a broad range of circumstances no matter where you live or how much you may earn.
Anglicare’s financial counsellors assist with immediate financial problems and look at your financial options. 
Anglicare WA’s Financial Counsellors are qualified to:
  • Make assessments of financial situations;
  • Provide information and options to address financial problems;
  • Assist with resolutions if necessary;
  • Advocate and negotiate with creditors;
  • Make referrals to other useful services in the community;
  • Provide information about government assistance that may be available;
  • Support clients in developing their own budget;
  • Relay relevant information about consumer credit and bankruptcy. 
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Help with Court Fines

KEEDAC can help their clients with paying their court fines via a Work and Development Permit (WDP). Their clients could reduce or clear their fines by doing activities in place of paying the amount owed. KEEDAC works with the Aboriginal Legal Service WA (ALSWA) to provide this service.
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Centrelink Denham

An Agent and Access Point can provide access to services such as:

  • Use internet enabled computers and printers;
  • Access free Wi-Fi without a password;
  • Get brochures and fact sheets;
  • Call Centrelink using the phone provided;
  • Use the phone claiming service;
  • Get reply paid Medicare envelopes.
  • At an Agent you can also:
  • Get help to set up and access digital services;
  • Get help with general questions about payments and services;
  • Get a referral to other services;
  • Scan, copy, print and upload documents;
  • Verify identity documents.
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Centrecare – Emergency Relief

 Emergency relief funds can be provided through the financial counselling program when required. 
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Centrecare – Financial Counselling

Financial counsellors offer free, independent information, options and advocacy to help people develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to take control of their own financial situation. Financial Counselling helps people work through any problems they are having with money. This may include managing a household budget, negotiating outstanding bills or saving for the future. Emergency relief funds can also be provided when required. 
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Shark Bay Christian Fellowship and Crisis Centre

The Shark Bay Christian Fellowship offer a wide range of services including:
  • Finding accommodation and providing immediate shelter;
  • Providing food hampers, clothes and toiletries;
  • Assisting in finding employment and registering for Centrelink payments;
  • Fulfilling the role of advocate in legal issues.
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