Below is a list of family support services, including family education and counselling services, family planning services, local day care options and government departments. If you cannot find local family services for your area, there is a list of state and national family support services at the bottom of this page.

Youth Crisis and Emergency Services

The department of child protection and family support provide and fund a range of child safety and family support services throughout the state including mandatory reporting investigations and training, Working with Children Checks, fostering and adoption services, counselling and outreach programs, crisis accommodation, homelessness services, and emergency services support.

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Northern Districts Community Support Group – Morawa Family Counselling

Northern District Community Support Group provides counselling for families across Morawa.

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Department of Communities, Child Protection – Halls Creek

The Department provides a range of child safety and family support services to Western Australian individuals, children and their families. Contact them for assistance to access emergency accommodation and for other family supports.
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Ravensthorpe Public Library

Ravensthorpe Public Library provides a wide range of services to the community such as, internet access, government services, and children’s activities.
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Ravensthorpe Community Resource Centre

Ravensthorpe Community Resource Centre (CRC) is a friendly, not-for-profit organisation committed to servicing the regional community of Ravensthorpe providing a diverse range of key community services for families living within surrounding areas. It is also home to the Ravensthorpe Public Library, Centrelink Access Point and is a TransWA agent.
The CRC is a community owned and operated organisation, which plays a vital role in providing much needed community services as well as venue and equipment hire.
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Leonora Community Resource Centre

The Community Resource Network will deliver quality social, business and economic outcomes to support sustainable growth in regional communities. We will build strong partnerships and develop and as innovative, responsive and connected Network.
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Ngunytju Tjitji Pirni Aboriginal Corporation

The organisation offers:  Food relief service, health information, referrals service, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health service and immunisation 
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DCP Leonora

Child Protection Services
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ngaringga Ngurra Safe House

Supported and/or safe accommodation to women- with/or without accompanying children- who as a result of family and domestic violence or other crisis. Breaking the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness- and assisting clients to maintain existing safe accommodation where appropriate or move to stable safe long term accommodation is a key role of Family and Domestic Violence Accommodation and Support.

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Olabud Doogethu

With cooperation and support from our communities, the Olabud Doogethu journey is to provide a better future for our country men and women. We want to help our mob develop effective leadership and cultural cohesion by designing, delivering, assisting or supporting programs that build stronger families, improve our quality of life, and champion our proud heritage.

By diverting resources away from our overcrowded prison system, we can invest in our future – our children. The traditional judicial system has failed us, and it continues to let us down. We must manage this problem ourselves. The Aboriginal way.

Together, we can implement community-driven initiatives for early intervention. Schemes that rehabilitate our young people and families while cultivating stronger bonds within the community to help all of us live happier, more fulfilled lives.

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