Mission Australia – Emergency Relief

Emergency relief helps people to address their immediate basic needs in times of financial crisis or hardship through material or financial aid (e.g. vouchers, clothes and food parcels). Support is offered in a way that maintains the dignity of individuals and families and encourages self-reliance. As well as financial and material support, Mission Australia also link people with services in the community to help them address the challenges that are affecting their financial wellbeing. Emergency Relief is available every Tuesday morning in Carnarvon by appointment only. Please telephone at 8am on the day Emergency Relief is available to arrange an appointment.
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Child Protection and Abuse Prevention Teacher Training

This service can provide:

  • Child Protection and Abuse Prevention professional learning for schools staff
  • Workshops for parents, community stakeholders and pre-service teachers
  • In-class mentoring for school staff
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Local Support Coordinator

The Local Support Coordinator provides co-ordinated response and proactive outreach to women experiencing family violence in the Murchison region for a period of up to 18 months. Assistance for people in Carnarvon is available during 6 weekly visits to homes for issues including:

  • Risk assessment and safety planning;
  • Safety audits;
  • Applying for a family violence restraining order;
  • Court support;
  • Referrals to housing, financial, legal or other organisations.
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CFSS – Public Tenancy Support Service

Public Tenancy Support Service aims to assist Dept of Housing tenants at risk of eviction to avoid becoming homeless. The support worker visits tenants in their homes on a regular basis to help sustain their tenancies through tenancy support, advocacy and case management. Participation in the program is with the tenants’ consent, but sometimes becomes a condition of the tenancy where there has been a prior tenancy agreement with issues including debts, property standards in breach of the tenancy agreement and anti-social behaviour.
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Midwest Mental Health and Community Alcohol and Drug Service

The Midwest Mental Health and Community Alcohol and Drug Service provides assessment, treatment and advice to people with moderate to severe mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues. They also support carers, other local health services and other agencies that work with people experiencing mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues in various ways such:

  • Needle exchanges;
  • Individual and group counselling;
  • Referrals to detox and rehabilitation services;
  • Intervention programs;
  • Drug and alcohol education and awareness programs in the community
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Activ Geraldton

Activ is a WA based disability services provider who work to support those living with disability under the NDIS.
Services provided include:
• 24 hour disability accomodation support 
• Short term accomodation
• Community Services 
• Employment support 
• Education and training support 
• Business services 
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Access to Leisure and Sport (ATLAS) – Geraldton

ATLAS is a not for profit organisation who work to increase people with disabilities access and inclusion in the community. 
Services offered include: 
• Leisure buddies 
• Wheelchair basketball
• Project work, training and education
• Labour hire
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Queen Elizabeth II Seniors and Community Centre

The Queen Elizabeth II Seniors and Community Centre is owned and operated by the City of Greater Geraldton and exists to promote active, positive, healthy ageing within the region. QEII provides a variety of services through other agencies as well as running centre programmes.
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Regional Alliance West – Housing Assistance Programme

The Housing Assistance Programme offers assistance to individuals experiencing problems with tenancy while living in a Housing Authority or private rental. 
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Midwest Population Health Services – Allied Health

Allied Health services are provided throughout the Geraldton, Midwest, Murchison and Gascoyne Districts with a focus on prevention and early intervention, working on keeping people well, improving the health of the community and helping individuals who need treatment and care.
The Midwest Allied Health team consists of:
• Dietitians
• Occupational therapists
• Physiotherapists
• Speech pathologists
• Social workers
• Podiatrists
• Audiology
• Clinical psychology
• Allied health assistants
Services Provided:
• Education and practical information for individuals, families, other agencies and community groups (on topics such as diabetes, exercise, nutrition and children’s development.
• Child development services – Team-based assessments and therapy services for children with developmental delay and/or disorders.
• Therapy and clinical services for hospital inpatients and outpatients in the hospitals in the Midwest, Murchison and Gascoyne, as well as for community individuals and groups.
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Midwest Population Health Services – Community Health

Community Health services promote healthy outcomes for infants, young children and their families through a comprehensive approach in collaboration with parents/carers. Community Health nurses complete health checks and assessments of children’s physical, developmental, social and emotional needs and enable access to timely and appropriate interventions and supports.
Groups at risk of poorer health outcomes are of particular focus. Universal services include developmental assessments from birth to school entry at the key ages of 0-14 days, 8 weeks, 4 months, 12 months, 2 years and starting school. Included in the schedule is:
• Physical and developmental assessments which review child health, development and behaviour
•Psychosocial assessments including community and family networks and supports
• Information regarding parenting and development of parenting groups
• Maternal health and wellbeing including assessment for post-natal depression
• Child safety including safe sleeping
• Immunisation
• Breastfeeding and nutrition
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Desert Blue Connect – Women’s Health Promotion

Desert Blue Connect provides free or low cost community health promotion, women’s health education and information, and in-school support to teachers with sexuality and relationship education.
Services we offer include:
• Women’s health seminars
• Healthy lifestyle programs
• Well-being sessions for professional development days
• Mental health workshops (i.e. anxiety management)
• In-school support for teachers and resources with sexual health education
• Support or self-help groups
Desert Blue Connect can offer the following specialist women’s health presentations:
• Breast health
• Cervical screening testing (understanding recent changes)
• Common vulval conditions
• Perinatal mental health
• Looking after yourself
• Menopause
• Sleep health for women
• Heart health for women
• Sex after baby
• Ovarian cancer
Please contact us to discuss availability and costs.
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Regional Alliance West – Financial Counselling

This Service provides free information, options and support to those who are experiencing difficulties with money.
Their Financial Counsellors can:
• Help to organise a budget
• Explain what to do if you can’t pay bills, debts or fines
• Assist with working out payment arrangements with creditors
• Inform you of Government assistance and entitlements
• Advocate for you if you want to challenge a decision that affects you
• Explain options regarding bankruptcy 
• HUGS – Hardship Utility Grant Schemes
This service does not provide financial advice in regards to investments.
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Geraldton Backpackers On The Foreshore

Services available:
• Budget friendly accommodation
• Open to travellers of all ages
• Choice of dorm and private rooms
• Extensive communal facilities
• Super fast wifi property wide
• Men’s Dorms
• Women’s Dorms
• Private Rooms 
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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services – Geraldton

The child and adolescent program provides assessment, treatment and support for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age with severe and persistent mental health disorders and/or self harming/suicidal ideations and/or behaviours, as well as assistance for their family/carers.
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Desert Blue Connect – General Nurse Consults

This service includes pregnancy tests, sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests, breast health, continence information, relationship/sexual health, menopause advice, and mental health support (including perinatal) services and referral.
Clients are required to bring their Medicare card with them for STI testing appointments.
If you don’t have a Medicare card you are still welcome to attend these clinics but charges may apply for any pathology.  Please call reception to obtain costs.
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Youth Focus Geraldton (headspace)

Youth Focus provides a friendly, confidential and professional service for young people who are in need of counselling and support. Our Counsellors are trained professionals who work with young people specifically around issues associated with suicide, depression and self-harm. Youth counselling appointments are free of charge.

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Vinnies Geraldton Shop

Vinnies is staffed by friendly and helpful volunteers and staff who are there to help you find that special item to suit your requirements. New stock arriving weekly. Donations of clothing and bric a brac are always appreciated and can be dropped off at the shop.
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Victim Support and Child Witness Service Geraldton

The Victim Support Service provides free, confidential counselling and support services for all victims of crime. These services are provided by professional counsellors and trained volunteers.
Services available to victims of crime include:
• Counselling and support
• Providing information and referrals to other support services
• Helping victims write a victim impact statement
• Preparing and supporting victims during a court case
• helping victims obtain information on the status of police investigations
• Providing support when making an application for a restraining order
• Providing information about criminal injuries compensation
• Helping victims understand their rights within the criminal justice system
• Providing information on the status of convicted offenders in WA, through the Victim Notification Register.
The Child Witness Service is a voluntary and free service available to children under 18 years of age who are to give evidence to a court. Trained staff can assist with:
  • Accessing services such as counselling, police, legal, medical and other relevant services
  • Working with the WA Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions and providing the child with up to date information as a matter progresses through the court system
  • Preparing a child for giving evidence in court and providing in court support
  • Helping a child to prepare a victim impact statement.
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Victoria District Medical Centre

Victoria District Medical Centre is a Private Billing Practice, Veteran Affairs Patients are Bulk Billed. Patients who are current holders of an Australian Government Pension Concession Card as issued by Centrelink and /or a Healthcare Card may be offered Discounted Rates.
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